Can we stop calling it the deli now? - Tramezzini
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Can we stop calling it the deli now?

Can we stop calling it the deli now?

First impressions count and names stick.

This is true – even of fabulous eating places.

And it is for this reason that, when driving into Ventnor the other day, I asked Adam, “do you need to go to the deli?” and he replied, “Babe, I think we need to stop calling it the deli now.”

For those who frequent Tramezzini in Ventnor, there will be some who don’t remember its early days when, back in early 2011, Adam and GC decided to take on what was Goodman’s Deli and turn it into a fun, lively deli and upmarket sandwich place.


Starting with little more than a few thousand pounds, hands on help from friends and family and their own cheffing skills, the boys set to work transforming the previously bankrupted building into one of the most success businesses in Ventnor, Isle of Wight.


Whilst Adam and Aky removed the old face of the shop, GC kept watch and guarded their step ladders.


Both mums, Jacki and Angela, were on hand to help clear and paint the shop and within days the iconic red of the Tramezzini logo found its home on the walls of the deli.


Local designer and artist, Gianpaolo Giancovich designed the logo and branding. He then created the iconic signage for the front of the new establishment …


….which looked stunning against the fresh black background.


The whole transformation took four weeks to complete in true DIY SOS style and on February 22nd, Tramezzini the Italian deli and supplier of fine foods was ready to open its doors.


The first customers arrived.


Mouth-watering cakes, delicious sandwiches and light lunches were served to locals and visitors alike.

Whilst Tramezzini was an instant success, Adam has now told me, “We had spent everything we had and made everything out of the ingredients we’d bought. Nobody knew this, but if we didn’t sell out everything on the first week, the business would have sunken there and then.”

Thankfully, people loved them.


The abundant deli counter and delicious culinary offerings pulled in customers and increasing numbers began booking the team for high quality outside catering.

“It wasn’t long before we realised that our forte was not slicing meat, but serving phenomenal food,” Adam explained. “And at that point we decided to do away with the deli counter and focus solely on our greatest asset – food on the plate.”


In 2014 GC and Adam expanded the business, taking on the kitchen and restaurant at the Wellington Hotel, Ventnor and created “Tramezzini at the Wellington”.

“Up until that point we had only opened during the daytime at Tramezzini and opening a restaurant at the Wellington meant that we could show case our full offering as chefs. Both GC and myself have worked in a variety of award winning restaurants and hotels, won awards for our food and driven teams to rosette standard. It was natural that Tramezzini would evolve into something that allowed us to fully utilise our culinary skills and experience.”

Tramezzini at the Wellington was successful, but sharing the space with a hotel became complicated and at the end of the year, Adam and GC decided to bring everything back to the heart of the original business at Tramezzini, 14, High Street, Ventnor. In March 2015 they shut the doors for one month. During that time, Gianpaolo created the bar from Ryde Pier Wood as well as filling the walls with award winning photography from the island. Scott Atkinson, Adam and GC’s friend and wood/joinery/roofing and general handy-man wizard, created the furniture and laid the new floor. Adam grafted from morning, noon and night. GC went on holiday to Sri Lanka (which happens to be the theme night destination on Thursday 16th June).